Why you should master public speaking

It is important for you to master public speaking skills early in life; when you’re young. Why? Because public speaking is more than just speaking in front of a lot of people.

It is the communication skill that directly combines interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. You are talking to other people, but you are also talking with yourself. You are practising self-control, particular ego control, to battle your insecurities and lack of confidence.

That strong and healthy intrapersonal communication can help you with connecting with people on a deeper level. When you are connected with people, that’s how you can get your message across and internalized by others. That’s not only the goal of public speaking, that’s the goal of communication in general.

You will use this skill on and off stage. You will use it with your best friend, your spouse, your children, your parents, your in-laws, your neighbours, and whoever that is in your life. You want your message to get across. But you can’t get it across without having connection first.

It is not enough to say the right things. You have to say it in the right way. That’s how you connect on a deeper level.

Remember, a gift is more than its contents.

It’s also about how it’s wrapped.