Top 5 English Youtube Channels You Should Subscribe To

If you are like me, a non-native English speaker, you might want to improve your English speaking skill. I am still improving mine. In that effort, you might want to know what good English speaking sources are good enough to refer to.

Let be honest: not all sources are created equal – there are good ones, and there are not-so-good ones.

This is not just for English, but for virtually anything. As wise consumers, we owe it to ourselves to filter all the resources available and only take in the good ones. Just like how we choose food for our body, that is exactly how we should choose food for our mind.

Hopefully, we don’t eat junk food too much – for the body or for the mind.

To improve English speaking, we want to listen to good English speakers speak so that we can copy them in their pronunciation, diction, and grammar. Listening and copying are my two secrets into how to improve English speaking.

In this blog post, I want to share my top 5 English Youtube channel I find to be good resources for English speaking. They are not only good for English speaking, because you will learn a lot of other things too.

Two birds with one stone.

1. vlogbrothers

I think you’ve heard of the famous movie The Fault in Our Stars, right? You know that the movie was based on a novel by John Green, right? Well, what you might not know is that John Green is a vlogger, along with his brother Hank Green, on their channel called the vlogbrothers.

In this channel, they normally talk about things surrounding their daily lives. The basic concept of the channel is two brothers communicating and updating each other about what’s new. But at the same time, they do make videos about current issues and well thought out pieces about important topics of the day.

2. Olan Rogers

If you like to laugh out loud, then this guy is probably your guy. I love his sense of humour not only because it is my kind of funny, but also because it’s clean. You won’t hear him swearing or making offensive remarks in order to get a laugh out of you. His personality does it all just fine.

3. Bayyinah Institute

For deep spiritual refreshments, this is the place to go to. Bayyinah Institute is one of the many Islamic organizations that I follow. But a unique thing about this organization in particular is how active they are on Youtube.

They actually dedicate their time to update their channel regularly so you always have new content to watch and listen to. Other organizations may have other areas of focus in mind, so they might not update their Youtube channel as regularly.

4. CGP Grey

I love the simplicity of his videos. He doesn’t show his face in any of his videos, but he can somehow make them interesting. He uses cliparts of himself, diagrams, and pictures to get his message across. His videos touch upon a range of topics such as politics, pop culture, science, and religion.

His videos are fast paced which make them an attention grabber because you really have to pay attention in order to understand. So you can’t have more than one tab open on your browser if you are watching his videos. Trust me. I’ve tried.


A creative and interesting way to explain science in a short amount of time.

They use simple drawings on a whiteboard, with some animations and clippings, to get their messages across. Their focus seems to be on popular topics of the day, but they put a scientific spin on them by citing relevant scientific facts.

6. Aiman Azlan

Wait…how did this one get here?


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