Too Afraid To Start

Do you have tips for those who don’t have confidence in writing or whatever they like to do, because they are afraid to do it?

Anonymous Questioner

If you are not confident enough to write my simple tip is to start writing. 

I’ll give you one example. A friend of mine has difficulty starting to write. This friend said:

“I have no ideas.”

“I’m stuck.”

“I have writer’s block.”

“I don’t feel confident and good enough.”

I tried to help this friend by just asking this friend to start writing. Just write. It doesn’t have to be good or bad. It could be a horrible writing, but it doesn’t matter. Just write.

Once this person started writing, I asked, “How was it?”

Suddenly this person says, “Wow, I have ideas now.”

Isn’t that interesting?

This is my theory: When you are feeling afraid of doing something, you are telling your mind and your body that you can’t do it. But then when you push yourself to actually do it, whether it be doing well or doing badly, suddenly your mind and your body look at you and say:

“Wait a minute. I can do this!”

Bad or good doesn’t matter but the point is you can do it. That’s the point. If you do it well, Alhamdulillah you proved yourself wrong. If you do it badly, Alhamdulillah because now you have something concrete to improve upon.

Having a bad writing in front of you is better than having the potential of a bad writing in your mind. Because the things in your mind are guesses, and you can’t improve upon a guess. When you put it on paper, now you have something concrete that you can work on.

The key issue here is to convince yourself that you can do it.

That’s it. 

I felt this before when I started doing YouTube videos. Like you, I was afraid. I thought that I’m not good enough. I can’t do this. I can’t do that. But one day I just made a decision: I can’t live like this, I’m just going to do it.

If you look back at my first YouTube video, it was horrible. It was bad but that video enabled me to come out from my comfort zone. More importantly, it is a concrete proof to me that I can do it, even if it was a bad video.

You can still watch the video today. I did not delete it or make it private because I want world to see how I began my journey. Also, I want to remember how I began my journey because it’s therapeutic in a way. If I have a doubtful thought, I can refer back to the video and motivate myself.

Look at you before, then look at you now.

So my advice to you is just start doing it. However difficult it may be, just start. In anything you want to do, start by doing it. You will do it badly in the first round which is understandable because you are still a beginner. It makes sense to do it badly the first time around.

When you first started walking, you sucked. You fell down hard. But you never let a few bruises stopped you, didn’t you?


You get back up and try again. You get back up and try again. You get back up and try again. You repeat the process until you succeed!

Start now.

AIMAN AZLAN, #YouthMentor
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