The 3 Elements of Inner Confidence

Credit: IKRAM Siswa Perlis

That happened at UniCITI ALAM, UniMAP on November 25th.

I delivered a talk about one of my favourite topics: self-confidence. It is the topic I am exclusively focusing on right now, with Aiman Azlan Academy and Speak Up!

I believe it is one of the core issues of Malaysian youths, based on my observation for the past 5 years being a motivational speaker to a primarily youth audience, especially university students.

I had to revamp my 4-hour Speak Up! materials to fit the 1 hour and 30 minutes time slot that was given. It was a challenge, but it enabled me to look at my Speak Up! materials in a bird’s eye view and find a simpler way of delivering the same powerful message.

Last night, I touched upon 3 things which I believe to be the key elements of sustainable self-confidence.


Having a set of sound guiding principles as reference for all our choices and decisions. This provides consistency in our lives. Without sound guiding principles, we will become victims to blindly following trends and people’s opinions. Without sound guiding principles, we don’t have a stand and we can fall for anything.


Having a realistically positive beliefs about who we are and how much we are worth, by focusing more on our strengths and the blessings that we do have in our hands. We should not focus too much on our weaknesses and the blessings that others have. God doesn’t ask us about what He didn’t bless us with.


With sound principles as our guide and with a clearer understanding about our potentials, we can optimize our contribution to the society. This should come as a natural urge, because once we realize how much we are blessed with, the ethical part of ourselves should motivate us to give back as much as we can.

Thanks to IKRAM Siswa Perlis for inviting me over. I appreciate your effort in organizing the event.

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