[SPONSORED] Asus ZenFone 2: Capturing Memories

I watched Ed Sheeran’s music video for his song “Photograph” when I had this idea; to document snippets of my child’s life.

It is easy to miss the growth of our child, even if he is right there in front of us. Reason? We don’t pay attention. Most of us are too busy with our work life that we wake up in the morning thinking about it, we go through the day in it, and we sleep in the night worrying about it.

Work is noble, but when work gets in the way of family, then we have to stop and ponder: is it worth it? Ironically, many of us work to provide for our family. Our family is the motivation behind our work. But the unintended consequence goes against our best intention in the first place.

We work to provide for our family, but our family doesn’t feel provided. In reality, many neglected children (even the rich ones) would feel a sense of emptiness inside without the care and the attention of their parents. Parents think that they can somehow fill the emptiness with physical provision.

What they don’t realize is the emptiness is not the emptiness of presents but it is the emptiness of presence. They don’t want your stuff. They want you.

I think documenting my child’s life can serve as a reminder for me for what matters most to me as a father. To think that I would be immune to the preoccupation of work life is a bit premature. I expect that I would forget. So I plan to remind myself in advance.

Thankfully, the tools that we can use today to document our children’s lives are plenty and they are affordable. Before, not all families have camcorders. Now, almost everyone has a smartphone and all smartphones can record videos (among other things).

Recently, Asus was generous enough to let me try out their new ZenFone 2 ZE551ML. It comes in 5 different colours (Osmium Black, Glacier Gray, Glamour Red, Ceramic White, and Sheer Gold). They one that they sent me is Glamour Red in colour.

It looks great, especially with the metallic finish at the back. It feels nice in my hand and it doesn’t slip easily. The button arrangement is unorthodox; they put no buttons on either side. The power button is at the top, next to the earphone jack and the volume button is on the back.

Volume button on the back? I’m not familiar with this design, but it is not difficult to get use to. It makes sense since placing the button at the back and at the top makes it user-friendly for both right- handed and left-handed individuals.

The volume button is below the camera, which has great picture and video quality. I tested it out in low light environment and I was satisfied with the amount of light it manages to capture. I recorded short clips using the phone and the video quality was crisp and clear. It is a decent device if I want to take pictures or videos of my child.

This phone has the convenient feature called ZenMotion for all the shortcut lovers out there. I can launch an app easily by drawing a specific letter on the screen. That specific letter corresponds to a specific app on the phone (for example, draw the letter “C” to launch the camera app). It can be
launched even when the screen is black. With ZenMotion, I can turn the screen on by double- tapping on the screen, without having to press the power button.

One thing that surprises me about the phone is the performance that it packs into its slender figure. It is like having a gaming computer in the palm of your hands. With 4GB of RAM, 64-bit Quad Core Intel ATOM Processor, it is able to play games I would normally play in a console.

How times have changed.

I still have more time with the phone. This is just a few of my first impressions about it. I will post more about the phone on my social media sites pretty soon.

Thank you ASUS for letting me play with your phone. I won’t break it (I hope not).


This blog post is sponsored by Asus Malaysia. If you would like to know more about the phone, you can visit their sites here: