Someone Ridiculed My Ambition

I am a Psychology student, who hopes to be a counselor (or the likes of it) someday.

Once, I told a friend of mine about this ambition. He simply said that I will go crazy, because I am putting myself in a position where I have to listen to all kinds of problems from all kinds of people.

For a moment, he managed to make me feel bad and feel afraid of becoming a counselor.

But then, upon reflection, my fear turned into gratitude because instead of thinking that I will be burdening myself with the problems of many different people, I think differently.

It is not a burden. It is an honour.

It is an honour to be put in a position where people come to you to vent and to express their deepest worries, to share their most personal issues, and to give permission to you to see a side of them that they don’t show to other people, not even the people closest to them.

Alhamdulillah, people have shared things with me that they don’t even share with their parents. For parents, I believe they wanted to be as involved in their children’s lives as possible but sometimes they don’t get that opportunity, or they passed the opportunities that came their way. So I know they will give anything to be the go-to people when their children are facing problems.

But sadly, sometimes they don’t get to be in that position. Maybe it’s their fault. Maybe it’s not. I’m not one to judge.

It is an honour to be put in that position; a position of service. Serving other people is an honour. Serving other people for the sake of God is a bigger honour.

When a peer comes to me to share his problems with me, even if I don’t give any type of solution to him, he feels better because there is somebody out there who is willing to listen.

We don’t realize the value of simply listening to someone. In a world full of noise, sometimes all we want is for other people to listen to us. To listen to our pain and to share a little bit of it.

So yeah, I am not going to let some guy squashes my ambition with his negative attitude.

2 thoughts on “Someone Ridiculed My Ambition”

  1. It's a good thing that you remain positive. I on the other hand have been ridiculed for more than just a few times about my ambition of being a teacher, enough to drain my fighting spirit and it seems that people still aren't going to stop.

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