Simple Beauty

Most of us might be living a fast paced life; always on the move and always feel like you don’t have time for almost anything.

The tyranny of a fast paced life is that we might overlook the simple beauty that is always around. It is there, always was. If we slow down a bit, we might notice one or two things.

Did you notice the clear blue sky?

Did you notice the green trees?

Did you notice the birds?

Did you notice the innocent little children walking passed you?

Did you notice the sound of the river?

Did you notice the flower arrangements by the road?

Did you notice how clean the water from your tap is?

Did you notice that old man sitting by the park bench, just resting his eyes?

Did you notice the smile on your child’s face this morning?

What else did you notice?

Or should I ask, what else didn’t you notice?