Sensitivity in Times of Crisis

It is heartwarming to see many Malaysians helping the people in need in times of crisis, more so in the recent flood disaster around the east coast region of the peninsula.

Regular people, young, old, men, women, and kids, join forces to lend a hand to others who are hoping for it. For a moment we forget our superficial differences and we unite on the basis of one common goal – our humanity.

But with all that positivity, there is bound to be negativity. False reports about flood victims are being shared all over the internet. People doubting other people’s intentions when they are trying to help. Political stupidity making volunteer work difficult. All making the muddy flood waters even more muddy than it already is.

Though we don’t know why people do such horrible things, we do know that they shouldn’t do those things. Lack of sensitivity, especially when the situation calls for it, is an indication of lack of individual maturity.

Hiding behind a false username and tapping on the keyboard in a comfortable room become a sick enjoyment and an ego boost for the insecure. Thinking about the self when others are fighting for dear life hardens the heart.

We feel sorry for these people and if they want to change, then we want to help them change. At the same time, we will change with them, for we too have our own shortcomings.

The end of 2014 greeted us with two huge tragedies – the flood and the crash of a plane. Let the beginning of 2015 be decorated with compassion and love.

Hopefully, we can sooth broken hearts who are directly affected.

2015 won’t automatically be great, if we don’t put our collective effort to make it great. There is hope for us and we will keep holding on to it.

That is why, despite all the negativity, we are still here – trying to make a difference.