Seek Wisdom: Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone

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“Why did you quote that man? Don’t you know he’s an Atheist?”

Someone asked me that question.

Why is it a problem that I quoted something from an Atheist, or other non-Muslims for that matter? If what he said is true and in line with what I believe in, shouldn’t I acknowledge it (even though fundamentally, we don’t share the same belief)?

When I hear something that is profound and/or true, I will acknowledge it as such, regardless of where that something came from.

It would be unjust to disregard truth just because it came from someone whom I have disagreements with; someone who’s not “from my own”. It would also be unjust to acknowledge something to be true just because it came from someone whom I agree with; someone who’s “from my own”.

Just because. Just because. Just because?

No, our standards must be higher than that. We don’t fixate on the apparent. We don’t look at the package, we look at the content and the context. If what is being said is true, then it is true…even if the one who said it was Abu Jahal or Hitler.

Take some time to teach the ego some lessons in humility and fairness.

We shouldn’t feel insecure with ourselves so much that we become overly defensive to people we don’t necessarily agree with. We shouldn’t rely too much on our mental shortcuts such that whenever words come out from the people we “hate”, we immediately disagree without any consideration.

Look at the content and the context of the words you hear, rather than become too preoccupied with who said the words.

I may disagree with a person on some things (perhaps BIG things), but that doesn’t mean that I disagree with that person on everything.

I may agree with a person on some things, but that doesn’t mean that I agree with that person on everything.

Be humble. Be fair.

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3 thoughts on “Seek Wisdom: Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone”

  1. First impressions isn't always a permanent…
    but we do utilise it as the basics… consciously or unconsciously.
    Only when said persons deviate from our initial
    conclusion that we will finally get to know them.

    Perhaps their base of understanding is different from ours.
    To not use certain sources because it came from certain someones.
    Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts. Perhaps they feel
    that they may be offending certain other someones by quoting 'that'
    certain someone. Be it the truth. They may feel reluctant
    because of 'that' certain someones history.

    But, I agree with you.
    If it is true than it is true.

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