Ramadan: #QuranInMyHeart

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When we first started reading the Quran, obviously we want to finish reading it cover to cover. After we have finished the Quran, a lot of us might celebrate the accomplishment. And rightfully so, because it is indeed an accomplishment worthy of a celebration.

But, our journey doesn’t end there. Our relationship with the Quran should be more than simply reciting it from cover to cover, or finished it once and keep it on the shelf to collect dust.

Although reciting the Quran is an amazing act of worship, but our relationship with the Quran should be more special than that.

The Quran was given to us for a greater purpose.

It was given to us to give us answers to questions, to provide us that light we need in the darkness.

The Quran is our source for guidance.

“This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah.” (Surah al-Baqarah: 2)

If Solah is how we talk to Allah, then Quran is how Allah talks to us. When we talk with the one we love, that is definitely a sweet experience.

Quran shouldn’t be just informative, it should also be transformative.

Was there an instance when our hearts were moved by the verses of the Quran? Was there an instance when we became inspired by the Quran to change for the better? Do we understand the things that we say in Solah, particularly the Surah that we usually recite? Did we ever read the translation of the verses in the Quran from cover to cover at least once?

In the Quran, among other things, there are stories that were chosen by Allah to be delivered to us. Not to decorate the walls of our homes, but to decorate the walls of our hearts; to give us lessons. We should learn from the successes and the failures of the people that came before us, so that we emulate the successes and so that we don’t repeat the failures.

Through the mold of the Quran, Prophet Muhammad was shaped, so much so that Aisyah – his wife – said that his character was the Quran. The Companions were shaped using the same mold as well. By simple extrapolation, we could emulate these great people by studying and contemplating on the mold that made them – the Quran.

But, where do we start? Perhaps these tips can help:

  1. Make sure that we have at least one Quran with the translation, whether it be English, Malay, Urdu, Mandarin, etc.
  2. These days, a lot of people have smartphones. Use that technology to our spiritual advantage. Download a Quran app on our phones and whenever we have the time, we can simply open the app and read it.
  3. Start a daily routine of reading a little bit of the Quran with the translation. Make a routine that works best for you. Maybe a page a day, or half a page, or even 10 verses every day. Whatever works, as long as we have our daily dose of the Quran.
  4. Start studying the common Surah that we read in Solah so that we can really get deep into it while we’re in Solah.
  5. Start a routine of listening to Quran lessons whether it be offline or online, it doesn’t matter. Make an effort to know and understand the Quran more and more.

The thing about Quran is that, it is like an ocean that has no bottom. Once you dive into this ocean, you’ll just go deeper and deeper.

Who knows what kind of treasure that we haven’t found yet in this ocean that we have in our hands.

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