Ramadan: Calm Before the Dawn

I woke up today before dawn for my suhoor (pre-dawn meal) before starting my fast. Unlike previous days, I took some time in between to reflect on the moment. This realization to reflect came to me when I remembered my friend’s tweet:

Ramadan Thought: The quiet of the early morning is precious for reflection. Use suhoor to eat with focus, intention and appreciation. – Lee Weissman

Good advice. So I started reflecting. All it takes was for me to focus on the moment. It was quiet. Too quiet, but in a good way. There is a special sense of calm that descends at this moment. I push all away, deconstruct, and I take some of it all in again piece by piece – like a puzzle.

The picture became clearer.

At this moment, the senses are heightened. You could hear the whisper of the wind and the song of the crickets, as if your ears are granted a temporary opening to the slightest of sounds. When the worldly sounds diminish, natural sounds emerge.

In the quiet darkness of the early morning, your eyes opened up. You could the biggest light to the smallest light, from the giants stars above to the tiny fireflies on the earth. When it’s dark, the eyes wonder around to see a light – no matter how small.

It is truly a spiritual moment, and it’s fleeting.

Not too long, the athan (call to prayer) is called and dawn begins to enter. The birds are awake and soon the cars will too. The world will start over and the noise will take over. But hopefully, the quiet calm of the pre-dawn lingers on and the feeling you experienced then will navigate you during the day.

You walk among the busy, with your own business, but with a different focus. You see things differently, as you are able to distinguish between things and not see them all as the same. You have centered yourself around the essential, not the important or the urgent.

The morning calm has transformed you, but only for a while. The gravity of the world is strong and soon you will be drawn to it again, taking you further and further from your center. Hopefully, the morning calm will come again to revive, to rejuvenate, and to remind.