Posting Pictures of Children Online

I read an article in The Star recently about the risks of posting pictures of children online and it inspired me to write this blog post. I have talked about it before in one of my Youtube videos, but I wanted to add something to the whole discussion for my benefit and, hopefully, yours too.

Many people know that I purposefully don’t post pictures of my son online. To be more specific, I don’t post pictures that show his face. I would take pictures of him from the back, the top, or the side and post them instead.

The reason why I posted those pictures is because I want to share a story. So my focus is the story and not my son. Understanding that people respond best to pictures, I use this method to make the post more alive but without identifying my son.

A win-win situation in my perspective.

On top of that, to the best of my ability, I refuse to share humiliating pictures of my son even though he is “just a baby”. I know he’s cute but I think certain cuteness shouldn’t be publicized. I see my son as a dignified human being and I treat him like I wanted to be treated.

Due to the fact that posting pictures of children is common, I understand that some people don’t get this part. A trend can be a powerful thing to reject, and people sometimes question you for doing it. As a father, especially a new father, you are constantly worried about your family.

I worry when I pass by one or two smokers on the street because I don’t want my son being exposed to it. I worry when some people around me allow their children to freely play with gadgets because I know my son can easily be influenced. I worry when people take pictures of my son because I don’t know what they’re going to do with the picture (I usually refuse to allow my son to be photographed, but sometimes people do it without my knowledge).

It can be hard to be consistent with this principle, because social pressure can be overwhelming. Sometimes I win, and sometimes I lose. But I am doing my best for the love of my child.

I don’t judge the people around me. I am just worried, because I am a father. It’s my job.