Nobody wants to hire you. So?

The process of getting a job involves a degree, a resume, an interview, and an employer. Many of us think that is the only path to get a job, and thus feel stuck and frustrated when that one path fails them time and time again.

Perhaps, it is impossible for you to get a job. Nobody wants to hire you.

That line of thinking causes so much misery in so many talented young people. I am here to tell you that you are beating yourself up for no good reason, because that path you tried is not the only path that is available.

So, that’s it? That’s the only conclusion? Because nobody wants to hire you, so it is impossible for you to get a job? Did you ever consider the possibility that you can get a job without anyone hiring you?

Here’s one way to know. Ask yourself this question: Is it true that the only way to get a job is through the process of obtaining a degree, a resume, an interview, and an employer?

To answer that question, you just need to open your mind and look around. Do you see examples of people who don’t follow that path, but they still have a good job? You do! Those people are all around you and they are making an honest living to support themselves and their family.

That’s a good job to have.

Perhaps you don’t notice them around because you are too caught up in making that one narrow path work for you. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. What’s for sure is that you are not doing yourself any favour by limiting your options to just one narrow path.

Open yourself up to other options. Make some room so that you can breathe easier.

I mean, you already have examples all around you whom you can follow.