No Excuses

Winter is coming. The day is getting shorter and the night is getting longer. That means that the prayer times are closer together.

To give you an idea, this is the prayer times today (November 20th, 2012):

Prayer times.

The conflict that might arise while studying here is that classes clash with prayer times.

I try my best to arrange my class schedule so that the conflict doesn’t happen but sometimes I can’t avoid it, especially when the timings have changed so much that the prayers are close together. Unlike Malaysia, the fluctuation in prayer timings is pretty huge here and I think it’s because Canada has four seasons.

This semester, every Monday I have a 3-hour Psychology lecture from 2-5pm. Asr time is at 2:30pm and Maghrib is before 5pm. Usually the lecture ends early or I would leave the class early, and I would pray Asr in the prayer room.

On Monday yesterday, the lecture didn’t end early nor could I leave early because there was a test during the last hour of the class. So, I had to find a suitable place to pray somewhere in the building, the North Building as it was called.

That building doesn’t have a designated prayer room. Plus, the building is small. So small that I find it difficult to find a small space to pray.

But pray, I must.

Before the class started, I took a few minutes to scout around my class to find space. I scouted the place before but couldn’t find any space. But yesterday, by chance I found a staircase under which there is space for me to pray in.

Halfway along my class, I walked out to pray under the stairs. Then I walked back in, continued the class, and sat for the test.

Alhamdulillah! I was happy.

Where I prayed Asr.

I never thought that I would be happy to find a space to pray in.

Being raised in Malaysia, I don’t have to worry about prayer space. Wherever you go, you will find a Masjid or a prayer room. There is even a prayer room in the mall.

Now, when it’s not that easy to find a prayer space, I appreciate theย privilegeย I have back home.

How easily we take things for granted.

But in any case, to pray is my responsibility. Although finding a space to pray may be difficult but it’s never impossible. The Earth has been made as a prayer mat for us. There are no excuses. Wherever I may be, I have appointments with my Lord 5 times a day.

And I intend to keep them.

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  1. The same situation here happening in Egypt.I experience it just like you did. Although it is an Islamic country,still our university did not provide any praying room simply because they believed that we can pray anywhere. Even our guards at the university pray on the ground for most of the time.Of course there is a mosque nearby,but with our packed schedule,mostly just like yours (3 hours lectures from 2-5 because winter is coming too here in Egypt and the prayer time is just like in your place) we need to rush to find a spot to perform our Solah which most likely to be outside the lecture hall. Well said! There is no excuses. It is either you want or you don't.

  2. Same goes to us in czech republic, need to wisely manage any short free time to pray. Alhamdulillah, we have a 5 minutes break in between of the class, that is the time to take wudu' and pray.

    Should never have a feeling or thought of not skipping the prayers. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I just got back from Malaysia where everything is so easy and I really didn't want to leave! Everything here is susah! Here when its time to pray many times there is nowhere to do it. Its a case of not being allowed to in the stores and malls and restaurants etc. Then you can't pray in the mosque because its closed because there is no imam (all the small cities and towns are like this). In the summer you can find a park or something but in the winter? I think I want to balik! All the halal food too…ahh…paradise..not to mention Perhentian. May Allah help us in this country to always find a place to pray. Amin. PS I'm a convert married to a Mat Kelate…in case you forgot me.

  4. Raised in Singapore,I totally understand what you mean. There is NO musollah's around, not in our schools nor shopping centres or anywhere (hopefully things will improve in the near future). I've always thought that Malaysians are lucky. What you experience in Canada is what I've experienced and going through every single day for almost my whole life being born and raised in Singapore. But Alhamdullilah, nothing, insyallah, will stop us from praying. Selagi kite usaha, selagi tulah, Allah akan tolong (:

  5. Alhamdulillah, even pihak uni x bagi tempat utk solat, still ada tempat yang boleh dijadikan tempat solat. Kami solat kat mana2 je, selalunya near the staircase atau pun dlm lecture hall. Memang kurang selesa, tapi selalu Allah mudahkan kami…that teach us how to feel very grateful of everything we have in malaysia.

  6. Alhamdulillah I'm still studying in Malaysia. So, no worries about praying. Mostly everywhere I go, there would be a surau or masjid around. Hehe. But hey, wherever we are, pray is a must, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. hanya dgn pengorbanan dan mujahadah Allah akan turunkan hidayah. dan selagi kita tk keluar dari 'keselesaan' selagi itu kita tak akan faham makna mujahadah. rasanya setakat spore dan malaysia tu Alahmdulillah insyaAllah masih lg selesa dan mudah. dan mungkin tkda istilah susah.

    bila berada di tempat org ni baru lah terbuka mata ni,Allah. bkn saja susah utk cari tempat solat,tp juga berperang emosi sbb tkda air,AllahuAkbar. dah tu hidup dlm suasana tkda amal agama dan juga org2 yg tk beragama. Allah je tahu segala pedih dan sebak dlm hati ni,tp semua tu lah menjdkan kehidupan ni sgt2 manis!

    buat semua saudara2 yg menuntut atau bekerja di luar negara,berpegang teguh lah dgn perintah Allah dan sunnah Nabi. sungguh,jgn malu utk buat apa2 pun yg menunjukkan kita adalah ISLAM! Insyaallah dlm sunnah ada kejayaan! moga Allah jdkan kita asbab hidayat seluruh alam..

  8. oh yeah? well, at least you have experienced that thing.
    i've undergone this thing too when i was in KLIA.
    it was during the moment when the parents, relatives etc were sending their children/siblings off (studying abroad) and the surau was very crowded!

    so, my friends & i got the initiative to pray near to the playground. so far, it was my first experience & alhamdulillah, Islam is the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

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