Never Despair

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We believe in a God that looks at our intention and not the magnitude of our actions.

Do we have the ticket to Jannah?

We have absolutely no clue as to which of our deeds will be our ticket to Jannah. It is very possible that the tiniest good deed that we did within our lifespan becomes the cause of us attaining everlasting bliss.

So never underestimate any good deed. It may look small in your eyes, but maybe that deed will buy you a castle in Jannah.

At the same time, never underestimate anyone. We don’t know what good deeds they’re committing outside of our knowledge. Some or one of them might be their ticket to Jannah.

We don’t know

We don’t know if Jannah is written for us, nor do we know that the Fire is written for us.

Hence, we should be hopeful and remain hopeful.

The fact that we don’t know should push us to try and to try for as long as we can breathe. Because we don’t know, despite all of our imperfections, maybe that one final good deed that we did just before our last breath might be what tips the scale in our favour.

We don’t know

Therefore, we shouldn’t act as if we know. We shouldn’t act as if the ticket to Jannah is already in our pocket. We shouldn’t also act as if we are the ones giving those tickets to people.

Jannah has many gates. If one gate is closed, others are still open. Who are we to close all the gates for the sinners we met? Besides, aren’t we sinners too?

Never Despair

Never despair in the Mercy of Allah.

Say, “O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah . Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.” (Surah az-Zumar: 53)

His Mercy is one that we’ll never comprehend.

So, never despair. Allah loves you for trying.

4 thoughts on “Never Despair”

  1. Aiman,thank you so much for this article, it gives me hope.

    I'm trying to change myself to be a better muslim & it's really hard to change my bad habits. Sometimes I feel like giving up, sometimes I feel lonely, sometimes I am depressed of myself & sometimes I feel helpless.

    But I will try my best as hard as I can, because I believe that Allah SWT heard me & He knows that I'm trying. And I believe, I will be a better person in the future even though it takes a long time to reach the ultimate goal.

    InshaAllah, pray for me. 🙂

  2. Assalammualaikum wr wb!

    I'm currently having my exams right now. Today I came across an ayat from Surah Al-Kahf.

    “Verily as for those who believed and did righteous good deeds, certainly We shall not make the reward of anyone who does his (righteous) deeds in the most perfect manner to be lost.” (18:30)

    Coming across this ayat, just reminds me that I should not give up in studying despite the lack of time that I have given the amount of information I have to read, memorise and revise. It is easy to just give up and leave it to Allah. But then I will not be doing it in a perfect way like how He has asked me to. And surely, I don't want to miss out from gaining the rewards that He has promised! 😀 So,students of knowledge, don't give up! Remember He is always with us!

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