My Number One Advice for a Happy Life

My number one advice for a happy life: Progress at your own pace.

Many times I met young people (perhaps even senior ones too) who became overwhelmed and stressed out because they haven’t achieved what their peers have.

This can range from studies to careers to relationships. Their friends have graduated but they haven’t. Their friends have secured a job but they haven’t. Their friends have gotten married but they haven’t.
They ended up thinking that there’s something wrong with themselves because they’re not where others are.

Often times, nothing is wrong! Just because you are slower doesn’t mean you are a failure. Instead of focusing on the speed, focus on the destination. Instead of asking how fast you’re going, ask where you’re going.

If you are heading in the right direction, then you are all good my friend – even if you are slower than everybody else. So identify where you’re going and take the journey one step at a time, at your own pace.

Eventually, you’ll get there.

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