My First Time Voting

General Election 14 (GE14) will be my first time voting.

During the last GE, I was already eligible. But I was in Canada and a bit clueless about long distance voting process (my bad).

So I ended up livestreaming with friends instead to keep in touch with our people back home. We were just observers.

This time, not anymore.

If you are old enough to vote, then you should care. If you say “I don’t do politics”, then ask yourself if you have complained about the government or about the opposition.

If you have, then you are already “doing politics” my friend.

Who to vote? Well, that is your choice. I shouldn’t dictate what you choose. What I can advice you is this: Don’t follow your parents. Don’t follow your neighbours. Don’t follow your friends.

You are an independent citizen. You should make a choice of your own.

We talk a lot about critical thinking in our classes. Now, it’s time to put it in good use. Understandably, you can’t escape your emotions and biases. But you can be aware of them and how they influence your decision making.

Clarity of mind is key.

Think macro and micro. Look for substance and quality. Look for well thought out arguments. Look for integrity and justice. Look for the best option for all; not just for your religious group, race, party, or whatever.

We are 1Malaysia.

Lets put the slogan to the test.

A proud Malaysian.