My First Eid with the MSA


I went to my first Eid Dinner organized by UTM MSA.

Sheikh Alaa’ Elsayed, an Imaam from Masjid ISNA, gave a tazkirah about “A New Beginning”. The title of the tazkirah was also the theme of the dinner. He asked us what have we learned having went through 30 days of Ramadhan. Did we “graduate” the “school” of Ramadhan with flying colours?

Sheikh Alaa’ is the kind of sheikh who can do stand up and tazkirah at the same time. Very funny guy.

Even with all the jokes that he did, he managed to drive his point home. His talk really struck me hard. It took me 30 days of Ramadhan, a week of Eid, and a lot of screw ups to come to a point where I put my foot down and say, “Ya Allah, it’s time.”

What better time to change than now?

I just hope this time, it’ll be for good.


A bit about the dinner, some memory notes, the food was awesome! We had chicken, mash potato, this thingy with mayonnaise ( I don’t know what it was), a noodle dish, and punch. For desert, we had cookies and coffee. The cookies were huge! Well, if you compare them with Chipsmore that is.

After dinner, we pray Maghrib. And then there was a video presentation featuring the MSA Execs preforming a rap music. They want to compete with the McMaster’s MSA. Then there was Sheikh Alaa’. After him, Hamzah Moin came on to perform a stand up. Funny guy. He was also the host.

After Hamzah, the raffle started. There were an i-Pod Nano and a certificate to an Islamic Course organized by Qurba on “Quran and Sunnah” up for grabs. To be honest, both prizes interest me. But I didn’t get any. One lucky sister and one lucky brother got them. No biggie.

The night peaked when the President’s head was shaved. They said that he sold the least tickets to the dinner (No wonder they’re all hyped up about selling those tickets). But I heard that he volunteered to get his head shaved. But anyway, the point is somebody’s head got shaved. That’s all I’m saying.

Then we ended the night by just hanging out. Brothers with brothers and sisters with sisters. Watched some YouTube videos together and sang Nasheeds. This is one of the video that we watched. It’s from Halal Mix Tape. Very good!

After that, I went home with my friend, Zubair, who was kind enough to give me a ride. Thanks bro!