More women please

I am a professional public speaker. A motivator. That is my full time job. Since 2011, I spoke in hundreds of events and with thousands of people. I love what I do and I am good at what I do. But one thing about my job that is still bothering me after all these years.

There aren’t that many women motivators out there.

Often times when I am on stage with other speakers, or when I am in the audience listening to a speech, I can bet good money that the speakers would be men. I am not against men speaking, but I would love to see a balance in the conversation that we are having.

As a man, I will try my best to be as balanced as I can when I’m speaking. But, as a man, I can’t escape my male biases and my male life experiences. That limits my ability to understand certain thing about human beings, because human beings aren’t all men.

When I interact with women in my field, I get realizations of the other side of the coin and my mind opens up by perceptions that I can’t readily access. That is invaluable to me because I am able to understand the world better that way. I can become more balanced and hence, more realistic.

I become a better man.

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