Lovely SMS (Ep. 9)

Ahmad sends Alia a text…

Ahmad: Yo, where’s ma cookie? I’m starvin’ here!


Alia walks to the living room with refreshments for the guests: Ali and his parents.  

Mom: Oh, so this is Alia?

Ummi: The one and only.

Mom: My, my, she’s pretty!

Alia can only smile. Ahmad is holding back his laughter. 

Abi: Ali told me that you work as the principal in the school right by the traffic light.

Dad: Yes, that is correct. But not for long though. Insha Allah I’ll be retiring in 2 years. It’s about time that my only child here got married.

Abi: I hope everything goes well until your retirement, Insha Allah. Finally got this one off your shoulders eh?

Dad: (Laughs) That’s right. So Ali, do you have a date in mind for the wedding?

Ali: Well that depends on you Dad, and on uncle too of course. For me, I prefer not to prolong the wedding.

Abi: How about next month?

Dad: Sounds good.

Mom: Are you okay with that, Ali?

Ali: (Nods) Yup.

Abi: We’ll do the ‘aqad on Friday at the Masjid across the road near our house, after Juma prayer. After that, we’ll do the walimah until just before Maghrib.

Dad: Speaking of walimah, since we live so close with each other I figured it’s enough to do just one walimah, for both sides. What do you think?

Abi: No problem. We’ll split the cost.

Dad: No need for that my friend. Let us handle the walimah. You don’t have to spend anything on your end. I mean, you’re giving your daughter away to my son. To me, that is a sacrifice you can’t put a price on.

Abi: When I think about it, it is difficult to let her go. But I feel uncomfortable if I don’t do anything to help ease the burden. At least let me handle the invitations. Please, I insist.

Dad: Well if that is how you feel, then I can’t say no. By the way, what about the mahr?

Abi looks at Alia.

Alia: I asked for a ring as the mahr.

Ali: Well, I do have the ring that uncle gave me last week.

Abi: Actually, that ring was given by me to my wife. It’s her ring.

Ummi: It was a gift uncle gave me when we got married. I wish to pass it down to Alia.

Abi: As for the mahr, I have something else in mind.

Alia: Huh?

Abi: Don’t worry Lia. As the wali, I can decide what the mahr will be. Ali, I want to ask for an amount of money as the mahr; RM2,000.

Mom and Dad look at Ali. He seems worried for some reason.

Abi: You must be wondering why I asked for money right? A ring is a modest mahr, no doubt. But did you know that the Prophet once gave Aisha an amount of gold as the mahr? He gave about 500 dirhams.

Ali: Really? That’s news to me.

Abi: I do take into consideration that you’re a student and I also take into consideration the value of mahr befitting a woman like Alia. I figured RM2,000 won’t be a problem to you, am I right?

Ali: Yes. I am able to fulfill that mahr.

The discussion continues for almost 2 hours. Now it’s time for the guests to go home.

Abi: Thank you for coming.

Dad: Thank you for hosting us so kindly.

Mom: I’ll take my leave now.

Ummi: Do come again will you?

Ali and his parents left.

Ummi: Lia, would you follow me to my room please?

Alia: Okay.

In the room…

Ummi: Take this.

Alia: What’s this?

Ummi: This is the dress that I wore on my wedding day. I kept it in one piece, waiting for the day that I may give it to you.

Alia: Are you sure this will fit me?

Ummi: I beg your pardon, young lady? I was skinnier than you when I was your age. Insha Allah, it’ll fit.

Alia: (Laughs) Thank you, Ummi. Love you.

Ummi: This baju kurung might be a bit outdated. But don’t worry, we’ll decorate it together to make it prettier

Alia: Alright, we’ll do that. But, I won’t mind wearing it as it is. I’m happy to wear exactly the same dress you wore. I can’t imagine a prettier dress.

Ahmad knocks on the door.

Ummi: Come in.

Ahmad: Whoa, whose dress is that?

Alia: This is the dress Ummi wore when she married Abi.

Ahmad: Get out of here! That dress is legendary!

Alia: Jealous much?

Ahmad: You wish. Yo Lia, Abi wants to have a word with you. He’s downstairs.

Alia: Oh? Alright.

Alia left.

Ahmad: Umm…Ummi?

Ummi: Yes?

Ahmad: By any chance, does Abi still have his wedding dress?

Ummi: Hmm…I think so. Why do you ask?

Ahmad: Just curious. Okay, I’m gonna go clean up the living room.

Ahmad walks to the door.

Ummi: Ahmad?

Ahmad: Yes?

Ummi: How’s Anis doing?


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  1. err… you've got the spelling wrong there.. it's principal, not principle 🙂 pardon me for the intrusion…

  2. Salam alaykum,

    I have a question here!
    Who is Anis(or Anissa? Anis is a boy's first name!)? Is she by any chance Ahmad's girlfriend?
    If so, why at the beginning of the story, was he blaming Alia for having a boyfriend? Isn't he doing the same thing here??

    Anyway, the story was nice and carries a lot of meanings ^^


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