Lovely SMS (Ep. 8)

Abi: Ali…I don’t think this is going to work out.

Ali exhales heavily, but the sadness inside is still there. Helpless.  

[Flashback starts]

Ali knocks on his parents’ bedroom door.

Ali: Assalamualaikum.

Dad: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah. Come in.

Ali sits with his parents. 

Ali: So…how was the meeting with the Ustadh? What do you guys think?

Mom: Hmm…we understood and agreed with what he said.

Ali: But?

Dad: But it’s easier said than done.

Ali: I’ve known it all along that there will be unpleasant remarks about how I want my walimah to be like. And, I know that those remarks will cause you emotional pain.

Ali senses the uneasiness in his parents.

Ali: But if we keep on going with what the people want, then when will it end? Someone has to start the change, and I want to be that someone.

Dad: What about Alia?

Ali: She and I are on the same boat. She wants a simple wedding.

Dad: Her parents?

Ali: I don’t know about them. I’ve never met them. I do hope that they have the same views as Alia. So, are you guys okay with this?

Dad: I believe that you’re mature enough to know what marriage is all about. If you’re ready for it, then you have my blessing.

Ali: Mom? You seem awfully quiet.

Mom: I can predict what my friends will say about your wedding.

Ali: Mom, free your mind of them. Fill it with Allah. If the whole world is unhappy with my wedding except Allah, that is more than enough. Their painful words will go away eventually. We just have to endure as long as they linger, but they will go away. Trust me. There is nothing more painful to a child than to see his parents sad.

Ali received a text…

Ahmad: Salam bro. My parents want to see you. Alone. Reply ASAP.

Ali: Ya Allah!

Mom: What’s wrong?

Ali: Look! Her parents want to see me, me alone.

Mom: Well, in that case, you will have my blessing if you get theirs. Go and meet them.

Ali: Are you serious? I’ve never done this before. Man, I think I’m having a heart attack. This is worse than the interview I went to for my scholarship. Any advice?

Dad: Don’t pee your pants, son.


[Flashback ends]

Abi: Ali…I don’t think this is going to work out.

Ali: I understand. If her wali says so, then that is the final say. I have no right to object. Thank you for having me in your lovely home. I think I’ll…I think I’ll take my leave now.

Alia is in the verge of tears as she watches Ali walks slowly towards the door. 

Ali: Uncle, auntie…assalamualaikum.

As he steps out…

Abi: Ali…

Ali stops. Abi approaches him. Puzzled looks on Ahmad and Alia’s faces.

Abi: You came a long way. Take this as a gift.

Abi places something in Ali’s hand.

Ali: A ring?

Abi: For Alia. Well done, you passed!

Ali: Huh?

Abi: If I was to marry my daughter off to any man, I’d better make sure that he is the best for her.

Ahmad and Alia: SAY WHAT?!

Ummi smiles.

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