Lovely SMS (Ep. 5)

Alia is staring at the message she got from her brother.

Ahmad: He accepted. Alhamdulillah!

Ahmad: Whatchu doin’?!

Alia: AH! You startled me you moron!

Ahmad: Ops, sorry. Counting your Eid money?

Alia: Eid has passed bro. I’m looking at the message you sent me when you went to Ali’s house not too long ago.

Ahmad: I see what’s goin’ on. You loooove him, do you?

Alia: Dude I’m gonna yank that beard off yo face! I’m thinking about marriage, not him.

Ahmad: Whoa, somebody’s in a bad mood. I’m just teasing kiddo.

Alia: Are they in the room?

Ahmad: Yup. Wanna meet them now?

Alia: I guess. Wanna come with?

Ahmad: Don’t tell me that you’re scared. C’mon, they won’t bite. I think.

Alia: Of course they won’t. But, I don’t know. I kinda feel awkward I guess. Come with me!

Ahmad: Alright, alright.

Ahmad knocks on his parents’ bedroom door.

Ahmad: Assalamualaikum.

Ummi: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah. Come in.

Alia: Are you guys free now?

Abi: Pretty much. We’re just waiting for Isha.

Alia: I wanna discuss something with you guys, is that okay?

Ummi: Sure. But it won’t be much of a discussion if you guys just stand there at the door. Come on in.

Alia: (Chuckles) O. Yeah. Right.

Alia and Ahmad come in and sit near Ummi and Abi. Alia looks very nervous. 

Alia: (Exhales) Bismillah. Actually, I…


Alia: Oi, you’re ruining it! I’m trying to set up the mood here!

Ahmad: Who told you to invite me just now? (Laughs)

Alia throws a pillow at him. Ummi and Abi just smile. 

Alia: (Clears throat) Anyway, you guys knew that last week Ali accepted my proposal. But unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to talk about it ‘cause it’s Eid and I didn’t think it was the right time. So I just wanna pick up where we left off.

Abi: Hmm…okay. Are you, sure about Ali?

Alia: Well, I knew that he is a good person. Plus, I’ve basically “interrogated” Ahmad trying to get to know him better, especially how he is as a Muslim. Ahmad is his best friend after all. After that, I did my istikharah and I am confident about my decision. What’s left is tawakul to Allah.

Ummi: What about your studies? Won’t it be affected?

Alia: I’ve heard many times people say that marriage will negatively affect your studies. A lot of people flunked their grades because of it. But I don’t think that’s fair, because the opposite is also true. I’ve known people who excelled in their studies after marriage. But very few talk about that. Marriage is not the issue, it’s the person itself who is not ready for it.

Ummi: True. But, is there a possibility of perhaps postponing this until graduation?

Alia: I’m just afraid that I couldn’t control my heart. If the situation permits, why not do it right away right?

Abi: Are you sure you’re ready? It ain’t a walk in the park you know.

Alia: What do you think? Am I ready to be a wife?

Abi gives it a thought.

Abi: I think you would be a great wife. Like your mother.

Ahmad: Smooth.

Ummi smiles.

Alia: I realized that marriage is not easy, unlike being in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship; easy and commitment-free. But, it lacks the blessing of Allah in it. I’d rather face the hardship, knowing that there’s blessing in it than to enjoy the ease that will displease Him.

Abi: Good answer.

Ummi: Why do you want to get married?

Alia: Wherever Allah’s pleasure is at, that’s where I’ll be.

Ahmad: O snap!

Alia: I also see this as an opportunity for da’wah. We’ve been saying time and time again to young people that coupling is haram, haram, and haram but we rarely talk about the alternative of it. On top of just talking about it, we show them an example. Hopefully we can inspire them.

Abi looks at Ummi. Ummi nods.

Abi: Ahmad, please invite Ali to our house tomorrow.

Ahmad: Okay, I’ll ask him and his parents to come.

Abi: Nope, just him.

Ahmad: Seriously?

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