Lovely SMS (Ep. 3)

3 months passed by.

Alia: Assalamualaikum!

Ahmad: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah! You’re home late.

Alia: I stayed after class because I wanted to ask the Sheikh a few questions. You wouldn’t believe how many people wanted to ask questions. There was a long queue!

Ahmad: Wow, you guys really dig the course I see.

Alia: Well, it’s a course about marriage after all. No wonder people are all excited. Alhamdulillah, the Sheikh made a Q&A session after class just for sisters. Brothers were dominating with their questions during class.

Ahmad: You learned a lot?

Alia: Subhanallah, I was blown away! I was like, “Why didn’t I learn about this before?!” Marriage is beautiful, even more beautiful if we do it Sunna-style. If I knew it before, I wouldn’t have considered even the idea of having a boyfriend.

Ahmad: So it’s safe to say that you’re ready to get married?

Alia: Well, I talked with Ummi and Abi last night. They were like okay with the idea, as long as my studies are okay.

Ahmad: Hey, jackpot!

Alia: I know right? Okay, I’m gonna go freshen up. I’m so tired, I’m starting to see your belly as a fluffy pillow.

Ahmad: Are you sure you’re not just high?

Alia: Say what?!

Ahmad: Easy tiger, I’m just playin’. Well, you went from early morning till nighttime…on freakin’ weekends! No wonder you’re tired. Anyway, dinner is on the table. Go eat when you’re ready.

Alia: Ayte!

Ahmad’s phone vibrates. A text message from his friend…

Ali: Is she ready?

Ahmad: Yup. Your move, buddy.

4 thoughts on “Lovely SMS (Ep. 3)”

  1. i am here to declare that im going to follow this story.. it may be easy to just click on the malay version but i guess english is much fun to read on. keep it up, bro!

    love it much3 😉

  2. im hooked. this story is beyond awesome. complicated morals put into simple sentences. makes it super easy for the readers to grasp the moral. i would like to write more but I'm itching to continue this story. =D

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