Lovely SMS (Ep. 1)

Ahmad: Assalamualaikum, is Ummi here?

Alia: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah. Nope, she went to work. Where were you?

Ahmad: I bought nasi lemak for breakfast. Here, take one.

Alia: Put it on the table. I’ll eat it later.

Alia (Ahmad’s sister) is busy on her phone, texting someone.

Ahmad: Wow, look at you go! You’re killing that keypad sis! Who are you texting, the Prime Minister?

Alia: Nah! I’m texting a friend.

Ahmad: Friend, or boyfriend? Come on Lia, I’ve known you like the back of my hand…and the front! I can tell if you’re texting a friend or “someone else”.

Ahmad quietly takes a peep at Alia’s phone and he saw her lovey-dovey messages. 

Alia: Hey, mind your own business!

Ahmad: Yeah right. The thing is, whenever you want to top up your prepaid credit you’ll come crawling to me. If this is how my money is being spent, say goodbye to future top ups kiddo.

Alia: Whoa, chill out bro! Did your PMS kick in this morning? Don’t worry, I have a good plan: 0.5 cent per text. That’s not even 1 cent!

Ahmad: Hmm…it’s different now.

Alia: What is?

Ahmad: Sins are cheaper now huh?


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  1. assalamualaikum w.b.t. mr aiman,u will answer any question right? well, a curious friend of mine asked me about 'instinct'. unfortunately,i don't know how to answer her. it's difficult for me to explain as i don't know much about it. but she really insist to know about it. hope u'll help me to find out. she's really a precious friend of mine. maaf if menyusahkan 🙂 jazakallahu khair then 😉 assalam..

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