Love Remains

Change is inevitable, but there are things that stay the same. These constants are essential because they keep us grounded and they give us meaning to life. They give us a sense of purpose and a good reason to get up in the morning.

Wisdom, justice, compassion, honesty, gratitude, patience, hope, courage, and happiness are just a few of many things in our lives that are evergreen. No matter what time we live in, where we live, and what culture we belong to, these things that what we hold dear to our hearts.

These are universal values that keep humanity intact. Knowing that we have all of these in common might provide a sense of belonging. You and I are very much alike. We see each other in each other, and despite our differences, we are not that different after all.

Having said that, these universal values can change, not in terms of what they are but in terms of how they manifest. For example, love. Love is a universal value that transcends time, place, and culture. However, we can easily see that we evolve in how we love, even though love is still the same.

I love my mother, but I didn’t love her the same way I loved her when I was 5. My love for her grew and shrunk over the years (yes, we had our fair share of rough patches), my understanding of love changes as I understand more and more about her sacrifices, and my way of loving her is much more complex and refined as compared to when I was 5.

But one thing stays the same: I still love her.

We might (or most probably will) change in how we love our family. But we will never stop loving them and that love will remain. But even when that love remains, we still need to express that love and we need to do it often.

Just because our family knows we love them, it doesn’t mean that we stop expressing our love towards them. Like the 5-year-old me, I still hug my mother, kiss her hand, kiss her cheeks, and make silly jokes with her to make her laugh.

Of course, my silly jokes are much more witty and clever now than they were before.

I hope.


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