Look them in the eyes

I have only been a parent for 3 years.

But even in that short amount of time, sometimes I find myself feeling tired and wanting to take a break. I think that’s normal, and any parent will testify to that fact. However, even that is not enough of an excuse to deny my son of my time.

It is his right to have my time.

We can be so busy, or we can seem so busy, until we can’t even pause and look our children in the eyes. We prefer to look at their annoying tantrums and shower them with tantrums of our own. In those moments, we just want them to behave and leave us alone.

But no children misbehave because they want to cause the parents pain, especially small children like my son. As far as I know, my son only has 3 desires: the desire to play, the desire to feel comfortable, and the desire to be loved.

Just look them in the eyes and you will see.

There’s only purity and innocence.