I Met a Famous Singer

Photo by Umar Mita

Yesterday, I was in close proximity with a world-renown singer.

If I mention his name, it is likely that you will know him. But I won’t mention his name because it’s irrelevant to the point I want to make. Just knowing how famous he is is enough to bring meaning to this point.

It was the time of Maghrib prayer when I saw him. In order for me to go to the prayer room, I would have to walk pass him. As I slowly approached him, there was an increasing feeling of admiration in my heart.

“OMG, it’s him!”

“Wow, I can’t believe he’s here!”

“He’s so close, I can touch him!”

“I want to take a picture so badly!”


I saw that people were crowding him. They are possibly driven by the same feeling that I felt in my heart; the result of being close to a celebrity.

I bear no ill feelings towards that famous person. I admire his work and Masha Allah he is doing a good job.

However, as I walk slowly closer and closer to him I am faced with a dilemma: should I stop to meet him or should I continue walking and pray my Maghrib prayer?

My inner struggle was rough. The argument was simple.

“This may be my only chance of meeting him! So I should stop and say salaam. Perhaps take a picture with him.”

Then it hit me. As compelling as that argument was, I find it to be a trap.

“Am I willing to delay my meeting with my Lord just because I can’t delay my meeting with this man?”

No. Something is not right. Though my admiration towards him was almost instinctive, but what I do with it is my choice.

So I walked pass him and answered my Lord’s call.

I am not saying that we cannot love those we admire. There is nothing wrong in that. I still admire him as I walked pass him. But if I am to choose between him and Allah, then my choice should be obvious – Allah.

Take control of love before love takes control.

If somebody or something is more dear to us than Allah, then we need to recalibrate our love. We need to reflect upon where Allah is in our heart.

May Allah bless that famous person. Ameen.

Even if I do not meet him here, I hope to meet him in the Hereafter. As famous as he is, he is still my brother in Islam after all. Thus for any brother (or sister) of mine, I should wish nothing more or less, than a reunion in Jannah.

May Allah guide us all to love and to love wisely. Ameen.

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  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I'm thinking Sami Yusuf…he was at RIS. But any singer that uses musical instruments is not someone to admire but to pity. I'm saying this because I know Malays think instruments are halal.

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