I Have To Repeat My Semester, Again

I am in my Master’s journey for five years now. Currently, I am stuck in writing manuscript. And I think I want to give up. I have tried all the methods to write the manuscript but I keep on failing to do it. I don’t have the courage.


So, five years in Master’s Degree. I can understand it is stressful. And I can imagine right now probably there are people around you who are saying stuffs, right? Maybe your friends “It’s still not over yet? It’s been five years.” So, I can imagine that it’s a possibility that you’re facing right now. 

So, what I can offer you as probably a boost, is this: If you’re in doubt, always go back to your main reason. What’s your Big Why? Why are you doing this? Why are you spending five years, not just time but also energy and money, to do this? Why? What’s your Big Why?

Once you figured out or once you remember back your Big Why, ask yourself a different question. Is it worth it for me to continue doing this to achieve that big why? Because if that Big Why is such a strong, big, and significant reason that pushes you and motivates you, then you could be doing Masters for ten years and you won’t be disturbed because you know it’s all worth it.

Second thing, with your experience, with every failure you’ve experienced, how do you see it? Do you see failure as this horrible, bad, all negative thing that is only there to bring you down? Or you see failure as an opportunity to learn and upgrade yourself and try to become better next time? So, how do you see failure?

Because five years is a long time and I can only imagine how many failures you’ve experienced. Now, with each failure, do you feel more motivated or less motivated? It depends on how you see failure. How do you see failure? Is failure a gravestone to you where it’s the end of everything? Or, is failure a stepping stone that will elevate you and upgrade you to the next level?

So yeah, those two things are what I’m offering to you. Because I don’t know what you’re going through. I can only imagine the kind of stress and pressure that you’re feeling, but in a general sense, these are the two things that I can offer you.

Number one,  go back to your Big Why. Why are you doing this?

Number two, how do you see failure? How do you see failure?

That’s what I can offer to you and I hope it’s adequate.