“I hate my degree, what should I do?”

I hate my degree, what should I do?

I have no right to tell you what you should or should not do. But what I can say is that you always have a choice. Just because the choice is difficult, or even super difficult, it is still a choice that you can make.

Because after everything is said and done, this is your life.

Your life.

So, you are ultimately responsible for whatever you think, do and say. Every choices you make in your life is yours, and you don’t have anyone to blame but yourself. The moment when you start to blame others is the moment when you have allowed others to control your life.

It’s my parents. They forced me to take the degree. It’s not my fault.

Here’s the thing. You can wait until Judgment Day comes, but you will never be able to control when or how people will change. So, if you are sitting there waiting for others to change so that your situation changes, then you are waiting for cats to grow horns (Malaysians will know this saying haha!).

People change when you change. Meaning, you have to make the hard choices in your life to change your ways in a manner that will encourage others around you to respond the way you want them to respond. But even then, it is only an attempt from your part and not a guarantee.

What is a guarantee is that you can change, because you have full control of yourself. At least, you should. This is not me calling you to become a rebel. No, this is me calling you to become an adult. Part of the adult experience is to own your life, the good and the bad, and to be responsible for each of them.

If you are not used to it, then start to get used to it. Start to get used to taking control of your life and make decisions for yourself. Don’t let others make life decisions for you. Others can give you beneficial counsel, support, and encouragement, but they can’t (they shouldn’t) dictate what your life will be.

That’s your responsibility. Only you will be answerable in front of Allah for your life, so don’t go around pointing fingers at others because that’s not going to help you when you stand alone in the Hereafter.

Remember, this is your life.

Discuss, think, istikharah, and make a decision. Your decision.