I Don’t Do Politics

Do not say that you don’t do politics. It doesn’t make sense.

Politics will affect you whether you are in it or not. So you better be in it and make the political arena much better with your presence. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you become a politician (if you can, then by all means go ahead).

What it does mean is that you become a well-informed, critical, intelligent citizen who knows his/her rights, who upholds justice even if it’s against his/her self-interest, who is more concerned with the truth than with what’s best for me and “my gang”, who loves this country, and who seeks improvements for all.

Don’t confuse politicians with politics. Politics is the tool, like a car. Politicians are its users, like its drivers. When an accident happens, don’t blame the car. But blame the drivers. When politics don’t go its way, don’t blame the tool. But blame the users.

Evaluate what you can do for your country and its people. Focus on what you can control and seek to make the best out of it. Remind our leaders that they are in a position of community service, not self-service, and that they will be held accountable before God for everything they do.

Remind ourselves that politics affects everyone, even the silent ones.

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