How to Not Be Sleepy in Class?

Let’s go over the basics first: get enough sleep.

I’m not going to give you the scientific data about how many hours you need, because you can Google that yourself. As long as you wake up in the morning feeling fresh and ready to face the day, then I think you have enough sleep.

Just make sure to not sleep too little…or too much!

If you find it hard to get enough sleep because you are too busy, then perhaps you need to check what you are busy doing. Are you using your time well? If you are wondering how to use your time better, I have a free online class that can help you: sign up here.

The next thing is the class itself.

When you are learning, your mind needs to be engaged in what you are learning. Otherwise, you will be sleepy. Not because you are tired, but because you are bored. That is when you mind is not fully engaged in what you’re doing, and you wish you could do something else instead.

Find something interesting about the topic you are learning in class. Think about how you can apply the lessons in your life and imagine yourself applying it as you learn. That way, your mind is immersed in the learning process.

If you don’t see how to apply what you’re learning in your life, then being in class will become boring. You will end up asking yourself this question, “What’s the point of me learning this stuff?”

That’s not a good sign.

AIMAN AZLAN, #YouthMentor
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