How to Motivate Myself?


Someone asked me, “How can I motivate myself if I don’t know how?” This question is from the comment section of one of my Youtube videos where I talked about motivation.

Self-motivation means you motivate yourself. It comes from your own doing. It’s your choice. There are many ways of self-motivation but I am just going to give you 3 ways that I personally use.

#1 Surrounding 

Remember, self-motivation is your choice and your surrounding falls under that. You choose your surrounding, especially the people you hang out with and the places you go to.

Who do you hang out with and where do you usually hang out in? Do you hang out with positive, inspirational people? Do you hang out in positive, inspirational places? The surrounding that you choose will affect how you feel about yourself.

#2 Service

Choose to serve other people, not for profit or praise, but just for the sake of making other people’s lives better. The Prophet said that the best among us is the one who is most beneficial to the community.

It’s not wrong to gain profit or praise if you gain it through honest means, but you don’t want that to be the ultimate goal. When you help people for the sake of making them happier, you yourself will be happier in the process.

You start to realize that you are valuable and that you are capable. You have a place in the community and that the community needs you for something. But you have to go out and serve. Don’t wait for people to come and ask. If you found a need somewhere, then be the first person to fulfil that need.

#3 Self-talk

Specifically, positive self-talk. I purposefully place this last on the list because it is the most important one out of all 3. Having a positive surrounding and doing positive service will not help you that much if you don’t practice positive self-talk with yourself.

Do you give yourself encouraging words from time to time? Do you reward yourself for the good things that you do, even if they are small? Do you notice your own strengths?

Positive self-talk is not about boasting yourself, but it is about appreciating yourself and be grateful to God for the good that you do and the good that you are. Yes, you have weaknesses. We all have them, and we all need to work on them.

But we should not fix our gaze on the negative, such that we forget the positive that we already possess. Focusing on the negative will make us negative, bitter, sad, and ultimately, unhappy.

Even if you have the best surrounding and even if you serve the people left, right, and center, but if you don’t have a positive mindset about yourself, then you are not going to be able to self-motivate yourself.

If you want to motivate yourself, then you have to first be kind to yourself, respect yourself, and appreciate yourself.

Having said all of that, what I say doesn’t matter.

What matters is what you say to yourself about yourself.

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