How To Be A Motivator

How to become a motivator like you? I’m interested to be one as well.


You can only offer what you have. So, if it’s knowledge, you can only offer the knowledge that you have. You can’t make stuff up. You shouldn’t. Similarly, you can’t motivate people if you yourself aren’t motivating yourself. So, if you want to be a good motivator, first learn how to motivate yourself.

What keeps you going? What burns your desire and your motivation? Once you understand that, you have to understand the science behind motivation as well. That’d be a very very good asset for you. 

Once you understand the psychology of motivation, that’ll be very very beneficial for you if you wanna deal with people in a large scale. Because some motivational tactics may work for you but not with others. That’s why we have scientific studies. To see where the average is. To see where most people fall. So, that’d be my recommendation.

And lastly, put yourself out there. Start a Youtube channel. Do Facebook live events. Do Instagram live events. Talk about the things that you believe, that you feel confident with. Start producing online contents. If you want to be like me, you have to know that I’ve been doing this for eight years and right now, I’m producing contents every single day.

Really, look at my timeline. You’ll see new video from me every single day. If you feel afraid of doing that, that is the first hurdle to overcome. You have to motivate yourself enough for you to actually take the first step. That’s what I did with my first video on Youtube.

You can still watch the first video that I did on Youtube. It was on March 4th 2011. It was a horrible video, by the way. But I’m proud of the fact that I actually took the leap and made that first video even thought it was a horrible video. But it’s my first step. From there, I build myself up to who you see me today.

So, don’t compare me today with you today. Because you’ are just starting. I’ve been in this game for eight years. So, you can’t compare between me and you right now. But compare with when I first started. You can go back and look at my first vlog. It’s called “First Vlog Ever” And see where I came from.

Spoiler alert: It was a horrible video. But you know, everybody started from somewhere. No expert starts with being an expert. Every expert starts with being a noob.

So, start slowly and build yourself up.