Giving a Speech at MRSM Langkawi


Another entry to my crowded sweet memories. I was invited by Mr. Roslam to give a speech on behalf of all Infineight. To be honest, I was really nervous because the hall was full and I had to stand there and talk. Plus, I just prepared my speech on the ferry ride to Langkawi. You should see my notes…they were like cave drawings.

But you know what, I pulled myself together because I was there to give advice to my little brothers and sisters especially the ones which are going to sit for their SPM exam. So I went up there and I screwed up my introduction. Nervousness started to build up but I tried to pull myself together and determined to achieve my purpose.

Out of a sudden, this odd comfort feeling just came to me and I was talking my way through my speech like I was practicing it all night long. There are some who said that I was giving a sermon up there. I smiled. But at least I managed to give a significant impact to the audience (I hope) because that’s my main intention.

After that came the hard part. The principal started to mention my name in his speech like a thousand times which made me kind of felt guilty because it looked as if I was under the spotlight while in fact the celebration was for the Infin8. After the principal, then the VIP started to do the same thing in his speech, adding to my guilt. Oh man, what a day.

I got a couple of good responses for my speech. It was hard because my intention was for Allah. With all the sweet talk, it’s hard to maintain that intention. Nonetheless, I tried my best not to be arrogant and in over my head. It was hard. I’m still struggling with it right now. I hope Allah accepts my soul intention.

All in all, I’m thankful (Alhamdulillah) that I’ve realized my dream (more or less) and I hope my little brothers and sisters will realize theirs.

Me giving the speech

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  1. salam,bro aiman
    i was there(i think)
    im you form1 junior back then,,
    back then whenever you give a speech,,
    it was so awesome..i hope i can see you giving speech again someday~
    p/s:pardon my english,,im pretty bad in english 🙂

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