Dakwah and Confidence

Dakwah is an art of communicating the divine message to humanity. Speaking the truth is not enough. You have to speak the truth in the right way, according to whom you are speaking with.

Speaking isn’t the only medium for dakwah. Communication can be established in many, many ways. We shouldn’t preoccupy ourselves too much on speech to commit to dakwah.

Any (legal) medium of communication can be used for dakwah. The goal is simple: to share the message across to people. Note: the keyword is “share”. Not “shove”.

Sharing this message requires #confidence in yourself, especially in your identity as a Muslim. Have you met a Muslim friend who panicked when someone asked him about Islam?

“Oh my God, what should I answer?!”

Why the panic? Not because the person asking is manipulating his mind into disbelief in Islam, but because the Muslim is not feeling confident in the faith to begin with.

This usually happens when we are born with the faith, like many Muslims that I know. I, too, was born in a Muslim family. But, that’s not enough.

A friend of mine once said and I hold his words true in my heart, “We are all Muslims by birth, but today we have to find a reason to become Muslims by choice.”

His words struck me deeply. Being a Muslim by birth is a blessing, but you can’t rely on that alone if you want to survive as a Muslim in the current climate.

People will flood you with questions about your faith, especially when Islam is in the headlines more and more these days. For dakwah, this is a great opportunity. But only if you are confident enough in your faith in the first place.

If not, then these questions might seem like an attack on you and you might feel like being pushed to a corner. In that situation, there are two choices in your mind: run away or fight.

Both aren’t good choices when you don’t have confidence. People who lack confidence tend to run away from problems, thinking that it will make the problems disappear. Like sweeping dirt under a rug, you don’t see the dirt but you know it’s still there.

People who lack confidence can’t fight properly. They tend to be emotional and incoherent. They can’t form a proper argument and they can’t articulate the argument professionally.

To stand firm as a Muslim with all these questions lingering around online and offline, you need confidence. You need to question your faith and remove the doubts.

Because if you don’t, others might question it and insert more doubts.

Dakwah and confidence – they move hand in hand.

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