Canada, Here I Come!



JPA asked us to be there at 5.00pm even though the flight is at 12.00am. No time for protest, just went with the flow. Went to Counter L in International Departure section and checked in my bags at L14 (I think). A JPA officer gave me MAS tags to identify my bags and “Malaysia Student” badge. Surprisingly, my fully loaded bags only weigh 36kg in total. The limit is only 2 bags, 23kg each. I’m safe!

After checking in, spent time with family until 8.45pm for briefing. It was a long wait. Got bored a bit. Broke fast at KFC and prayed at the surau nearby.

Briefing time! Mr. Azlan gave the 1st briefing. Telling us what to do in the plane and when we get there. And then another dude (I forgot his name!) gave the next briefing, reminding us why we’re going to Canada for (hint : not for shopping) and out of nowhere, elected me as chief of the group (Sigh).

Spent some time with family to say good bye. Touching moment when I saw my dad cried. Gave me something to think about in Canada.

To the waiting hall! Brother Andi accompanied us to Canada. Went through the luggage scanning with ease. No complications. Off to the waiting hall until our gate, H10, was opened. Snap some pictures while waiting.

Our flight to Dubai

Into the plane! I slept most of the time. Tried asking for a toothbrush but they’re out of toothbrush!


No problem. Everybody’s okay. Headcount = 29. All set! Got in and had to wait at the entrance while Mr. Andi find the Transfer Desk. Lots of time at hand. Snap some more pictures.

A glitch. One member was approached by the airport officer. She checked her camera. I don’t know the details but perhaps the officer thought she snapped “forbidden pictures” (???)

To the Transfer Desk. All the way to the other end of the airport. A long walk. No problem there. Azan was heard and we went to pray at the nearest surau. High-tech! The water was warm and the lights detect movement. So, only when there’s people that the lights come on! Cool huh? Dozed off a bit. ZZZzzz…

Dubai Airport

To the departure hall! More like a shopping complex. Not like KLIA. Lots of shops. Lots of activities. Went for breakfast at Burger King. Wondering around a bit. Updating Facebook and Twitter (^_^)

All aboard! Off to Canada on Emirates. There’s a TV at the back of each seat! Watched some new movies like Hannah Montana : The Movie, The Proposal, Bolt, etc. Slept for a while because there’s so much to do with the TV. There’s cameras on different angles outside the flight, games, music, TV shows, etc. Food was nice and halal too!

In Emirates


Touchdown! First impression = It’s cold out there man! 18C! No biggie. The airport was okay. Snap some pictures, went to the entrance and there was a lot of people! But, they were properly handled.

Went to Immigration after I’ve cleared the entrance. Got my student permit (lasts for 4 years, yay!). Our group split up. The Edmontons left us Mississaugans. Got our bags and went to meet out seniors. I went to St. George to be with the Muslim seniors while the rest went to the hotel.

Welcome to Canada!