All the books written by Aiman Azlan since 2014.

This book is written to help individuals, single or not, to prepare for a long term, strong, and healthy romantic relationship.

This book is written, with Aiman Amri, to educate about the three common mental health issues: stress, anxiety, and depression.

This book is written to elaborate the idea of building confidence from the inside, and being unshaken when faced with challenges.

Buku ini ditulis untuk menyentuh isu-isu umum yang kerap dialami oleh anak-anak muda yang bakal membina rumahtangga.

This book was written, with Ameen Misran, to show the other side of the coin for identity, love, education, community, and self-worth.

Buku ini ditulis, bersama-sama Hilal Asyraf, untuk menyentuh isu-isu yang kerap dihadapi oleh para pemuda.