Becoming a Better Person

We don’t want to be the same person before and after. We want to improve. There must be something in our lives that we need to remove, or add, or modify in order to become a better person.

But becoming a better person is a pretty huge and vague goal to achieve. As such, we can’t really tell for sure if we have become a better person or not. So, we need to set a more specific and a more reasonable set of goals.

Once we have achieved those goals, then we can safely say that we have improved to become a better person. But setting goals is pretty tricky because it largely involves managing our expectations.

We can’t set too high of an expectation for ourselves, that might cause us to get burnt out and it might even discourage us even further. We can’t set too low of an expectation either, just to play it safe or whatever. We can’t improve without challenges.

So it can’t be too easy, but at the same time it can’t be too difficult. It’s about balance and setting reasonable goals for ourselves. What is considered reasonable depends on the individual. We can’t expect everyone to be like us.

We all have our own individual challenges and we are all at different levels in our faith. What you might consider to be a reasonable goal might be a difficult goal for me. So whatever is reasonable according to the individual is good enough.

So long as we are improving ourselves in some way.