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In today’s episode, I want to share with you an interesting experience I had while running the other day. It was a lovely day at the running track by the river, close to where I live. I started my run with a steady pace; not too fast, not too slow.

Since I hadn’t been running in a while, I didn’t want to overwork my body and risk injury. So there I was, running and running. I had a simple target in mind, run until I reached a bridge which is about 1.5-2km away from where I started. Reach the bridge and then run back to my starting point, done.

Nothing fancy. I just want to get my heart rate up and break a sweat.

I was able to maintain a steady pace until the bridge, I turned around and started my run back. About 200m on my way back, I started to feel like my body is giving up. It started to ask me to stop, take a rest, walk for a while.

The voice grew and grew, from a whisper, to a chat, and now it started to scream: you have to stop, you have to stop, you can’t go any further.

I wanted to stop, but then I realize that the voice didn’t come from my body. It came from my mind. But I can feel that my body wanted to follow my mind. So then, I decided to change the narrative of the voice.

The voice said, “Stop! You gotta stop. You can’t go any further.” I changed it to say, “Keep going. You can still go further.” Then I started to pick a landmark for me to reach, “Okay, keep going until you reach that tree.”

My body followed. I kept on running and running. When I reached the tree, I thought to myself, “Okay, good. Keep on going. A little bit more. A little bit more. Aim for that rock.”

Surprisingly, my body followed. Everything that my mind said, my body followed. In the beginning, I thought my body was becoming weak but no, my body still can go further. But my mind was weak and wanted to stop. It was my mind, not my body.

The body only follows what the mind suggests. This is the power of the mind over the body, and you’ll be surprised how far you can actually go if you just learn to tweak and manipulate what you mind says, to be for you and not against you.

You can try it out for yourself the next time you go for a run, and see how far you can go. The same goes for everything else in your life. Your body follows where your mind leads.

So, that’s the message for today. I hope you have benefited from this episode of Unshakeable. Be sure to let me know what you think, I would love to get your input. And be sure to share this message with those you care about.

Until next time. Be unshakeable, my friend.

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