Aiman Azlan’s Bio

Before 2011, I was practically unknown. I was playing around with blogging since 2006, trying to find my voice in writing. During my quest to find my niche, on one fine day in March 2011, I decided to make my first Youtube video in a small one-bedroom apartment I was sharing at the time with three of my friends.

I didn’t think too much of it, until strangers on the internet started watching and sharing. Seeing its potential for doing some good, I decided to continue making Youtube videos. That’s how I became a Youtuber.

What was once a simple attempt at trying a new thing became a career path, especially when people are inviting me outside of my small apartment and onto the center stage to speak in public. From a handful of invitations to monthly invitations, that’s how I became a public speaker.

Along this timeline, my author friend, Hilal Asyraf, persuaded me to write a book. So I did, and now I have books published with my name on them, something that I didn’t think could happen in my lifetime. On top of that, I was invited to write up a column for a few magazines (Majalah JOM!, Muslim Teens, Majalah Iman, and That’s how I became a writer.

I am fortunate to be given the opportunity to travel all over Malaysia and beyond to speak to predominantly youth audience, speaking about various youth-related topics such as identity, love, family relationship, productivity, community, self-worth, social media, and many more.

After about 5 years of traveling as a public speaker, I am beginning to find my niche: the youth. They are people like me, who are trying to find their way in the world and trying to make sense of things. I want to offer a peer-to-peer help as much as I can. With that motivation, I started a youth initiative called the Speak Up! Project.

I have an aptitude for psychology (I graduated with a degree in the subject) and I like to address topics related to emotional, mental, and spiritual well being. Those topics are basically what you will read from me on this blog.

I reside in Perlis, Malaysia with my wife and son.

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