Name: Muhammad Aiman bin Azlan

Birthday: Sep. 24, 1990

Hometown: Kelantan, Malaysia

Residence: Perlis, Malaysia

Education: HBSc Biology & Psychology

Institution: University of Toronto, Canada

Status: Married


Aiman Azlan started making his mark through a Youtube vlog he made in his rented one-bedroom apartment back in 2011 when he was in second year at University of Toronto, Canada. Since then, his audience grew organically, especially among local youths who find his approach relatable and easy going.

Not long after, universities started inviting him for talks, forums, seminars, and workshops. He slowly turned public speaking into a career soon after he graduated with an HBSc in Biology and Psychology.

He has traveled all over Malaysia and beyond to speak to predominantly youth audience, speaking about various youth-related topics such as identity, love, family relationship, productivity, community, and self-worth.

He started his own initiative called Aiman Azlan Academy in 2015, focusing on building self-confidence through developing effective intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills online and offline.

He wrote multiple motivational books such as Hidup Penuh Erti (2014), The Other Side of the Coin (2014), and Bercinta Selepas Nikah (2015). His newest book is Unshakeable (2018).

He is pursuing his Masters Degree in counseling and he now lives in Perlis with his wife and son.