Aiman Azlan is an international youth speaker, a bestselling author, and a father.

He started making his mark through a Youtube vlog he made in his rented one-bedroom apartment back in 2011 when he was in his second year at University of Toronto, Canada.

Since then, his audience grew organically, especially among the youth who find his approach relatable and easy going. Not long after he uploaded his first video, students from various universities started inviting him for talks.

From the one-bedroom apartment to the centre stage, he slowly turned his occasional public speaking engagements into a promising career soon after he graduated with an HBSc in Biology and Psychology.

Feeling that he can contribute much more, he tried his hands on writing - which was not his strongest suit. He pushed himself to write, and now he has published 4 books.

One of his books is the MPH bestseller entitled "Unshakeable: How to Be Confident When You're Nervous", a topic which he extended and expanded in the form of a podcast called #BeUnshakeable.

He made self-confidence his main focus after years of traveling in and out of the country, speaking to thousands of youths of various backgrounds. From there, he found that one of the biggest challenges facing the youth today is low self-confidence.

To face the challenge head on, he started Aiman Azlan Academy in 2015. The sole focus of the academy is to build unshakeable self-confidence in the youth.

With that end in mind, he organized classes designed to teach the youth how to search for meaning, communicate effectively and manage healthy relationships.

Now, he is pursuing his Masters Degree in counseling and residing in Perlis with his wife and their son.