A Dumbfounding Question

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Someone emailed me and asked me a simple question that left me dumbfounded:

“How do you change a person’s mentality?”

At first, I thought I have the answer to that question. But after pondering on the question for some time, I realized that there is no easy answer to it even though it looks like a simple question.

But it’s not.

As of this moment, the best answer I can give to that question is “I am not sure”. A person’s mentality is not like a piece of clothing that you can simply change at the end of the day.

So yeah, I am dumbfounded.

Having said that, I appreciate questions that I don’t have answers to. They make me realize how much I don’t know and how much I need to learn.

Thanks guys.

7 thoughts on “A Dumbfounding Question”

  1. peace be upon you too. a little bit of my opinion. don't you think your blog is a little bit zoomed-in. usually i will zoom-out it until 75% which is the best for my viewing.
    I had a lecturer who once said: “Do you think I'm blind that you have to make it this big?” (although we know blind people can't see at all, lucky them for having sinfree eyes.)

    Above all, it's your right to make it however you like. I'll still visit here.

  2. Thank you for your opinion. I appreciate it. On my computer, it looks fine at 100%. 75% would look small. I think it depends on the computer. If it looks zoomed in, I think you can set your computer to zoom out a bit.

    However, I'll try viewing my blog from other computers just for comparison sake and if it is really a bit zoomed in, I can adjust the size.

    Thank you.

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