5 Important Tips to Reduce Stress

1. Deep Breathing

Sometimes life can be overwhelming, so it is important to remember to stop and breathe. Pause what you’re doing, close your eyes, and take a deep breathe. Feel the air coming in and out of you, and savour the moment.

2. Gratitude Journal

Take pen and paper. For only 5 minutes, write down the things you have right now that you can be grateful for. Focus specifically on the little things, because we tend to take them for granted.

3. Social Support

One or two supportive friends or family members can be powerful enough to help overcome stress. True social support is when the people stay with you no matter what, through thick and thin. At the very least, you have a shoulder you can cry on.

4. Sincere Prayer

Consciously enter the prayer with the intention of wanting to connect with Allah. The moment when you stand in front of Him, push the stress away for a moment and find your center. Return to the meaning of your life.

5. Positive Self-talk

Be aware of what you’re thinking and analyze it with self-talk. Communicate and negotiate with yourself. Figure out what’s the realistic and productive way of thinking about the stressful situation.

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