3 Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Cheat On Exams

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Reason No. 1: Allah rewards you based on the effort not the results

If you give nothing less than your very best, Allah will reward you based on the results. That is what Allah expect of us – our very best. As long as we do it mainly for His sake.

Reason No. 2: We can’t control the results but we can control the effort

We choose whether we want to attend classes or not. We choose whether we want to study or not. We choose whether we want to ask questions or not. But, we can’t choose whether we get an A or not (at least not through legitimate means).

Imagine you’re trying to grow a tree. You work your heart out in planting the tree – you chose the best seed, the best soil, planted the seed properly, watered it, gave it the nutrition it needs, etc. You did everything that you can to get a healthy tree. You gave it your best effort.

But in the end, you can’t make the tree grow and bear its fruits. Your job is to plant the seed.

Prophet Nuh spent 950 years of his life to call his people to Allah but in the end, only a few accepted his call. He gave it his best for that long but the result wasn’t as he hoped for. Putting that in perspective, that makes our 4 years in university looks like nothing.

But does that mean that Prophet Nuh failed? Of course not. Allah judged him based on his effort. Imagine the rewards he received for his 950 years of hard work.

Reason No. 3: A result honestly earned is better

How can you look at your parents in the eyes and say that you’ve earned an A while knowing that you cheated your way there?

How can you watch your parents being happy for something that’s not even real to begin with?

A low grade earned through sincere hard work is better than a perfect grade earned through cheating and cutting corners.

One might be able to fool people with that fake grade, but one can’t fool oneself. Above all else, one can’t fool Allah.