The Road to Unshakeable Confidence for Aspiring Youths

Thousands of youths get practical advice and valuable resources through impactful intrapersonal and interpersonal communication talks, seminars and workshops, designed by experienced motivational speaker Aiman Azlan.

What I Do


Confidence is one of the biggest challenges in youth. Gain confidence by learning how to control the mind by exploring how we see the world, learning how to be more self-aware and empowering ourselves to be our own best motivator.


English speaking and public speaking are among the many challenges that make young people feel insecure. With the tagline "Speaking Made Simple", the aim is to empower young people to speak and overcome their insecurities.


I want to help the youth reach their full potential and I am open to collaborate with anyone who has the same commitment. Whether it be a school, a college, a university, a private institution, or an individual who wants to contribute, let's collaborate towards the same goal.

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About Me

Aiman has a rich experience in youth engagement, both online and offline. He is passionate about social issues involving the local youth community.

In 2015, he founded Aiman Azlan Academy to empower the youth with sustainable self-confidence through developing effective intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills.

The dream is to see a culture of support and positivity in which the youth are confident enough to communicate their thoughts and opinions cohesively, coherently, and compassionately.

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