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Assalamualaikum and hello!

My name is Aiman Azlan - a Youtuber, motivator, & author.

I have a rich experience in youth engagement, both online and offline. I am passionate about social issues involving the local youth community.

In 2015, I founded Aiman Azlan Academy to empower the youth with sustainable self-confidence through developing effective communication skills.

Lack of self-confidence is especially an issue with the youth when it comes to soft skills, especially in communication.

The dream is to see a culture of support and positivity in which the youth are confident enough to communicate their thoughts and opinions cohesively, coherently, and compassionately.



Seminar: English Speaking Made Simple

Aug. 18th, 9am - 1pm, Seremban

Talk: How to Conquer Your Stress @ Bangi

Aug. 19th, 10am - 12pm, Bangi

Talk: How to Conquer Your Stress @ Kangar

Aug. 25th, 9:30 - 11:30am, Kangar

Talk: The Importance of English

Sep. 3rd, 8-11pm, IIUM Kuantan

Talk: How to Be Confident When You're Nervous

Sep. 8th, Kuala Lumpur (Details TBA)

Talk: Reviving the Spirit of Learning

Sep. 20th, 9 - 11pm, UUM Sintok

Workshop: Public Speaking Made Simple

Sep. 22nd, 9am - 1pm, SMK Arau

Talk: How to Be Confident When You're Nervous

Sep. 25th, 9am - 12pm, UUM Sintok

Talk: Pengurusan Masa Ketika Sibuk

Sep. 27th, 9 - 11pm, UiTM Penang

Talk: Speak English with Confidence

Oct. 2nd, 9 - 10:30am, Sri Al-Amin Bangi

Talk: Speak English with Confidence

Oct. 3rd, 10:30am - 12:30pm, Politeknik Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin

Mental Health Awareness Talks

Oct. 7th, 9am - 5pm, USM-KLE IMP

Workshop: Vlogging Made Simple

Oct. 14th, 9am - 12pm, UTP Perak

Forum: Media Baharu, Integriti dan Intelektualisma

Oct. 14th, 2 - 4pm, UTP Perak