23 Feb. 2019 (Saturday), 10am - 1pm

Low self-confidence is one of the biggest problems in youths.

Speaking in English, presenting in front of an audience, going to interviews, talking with parents, getting married, and choosing the right university course - those are some of the normal life challenges that shake the youth with insecurities.

They overthink about the situation and preoccupy themselves with their inadequacies, rather than focusing on the vision of the great person they could be and work their way towards that vision.

Insecurities prevent the youth from getting out of their comfort zone and exploring their true potential. This is not just a loss for them, but it is also a loss for all.

We need confident youths, because they are the crucial elements of a society's success.

Self-confidence starts in the mind, and it is a skill that can be learned.

Aiman Azlan guides the youth to appreciate the greatness of their minds and teaches them how to calm the chaos within.

Through restructuring the mindset of the youth, giving them proper encouragements, and provide them with the tool to sharpen their skills, they can be much more than who they are today.

The ultimate goal is to empower the youth to become more than they are right now, to become the best version of themselves.