Speak Up!

Speak Up! is about inner confidence mastery.

Speak Up! is a 3-step program designed to help the youth and the youthful build longer lasting, sustainable confidence, or what we call "inner confidence".

We believe that confidence can be trained and control, up to a point where you can "summon" it when you need it the most, like a Jedi summoning his lightsaber.


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Step ONE: Confidence Activation Seminar

Step ONE is the education level, where we organize a 4-hour seminar to enlighten the youth and the youthful about the seriousness of the problem, the steps they can take right away to change themselves, and the effects it can bring into their lives.

Next Step ONE Seminar

Date: 28 January 2017
Time: 9am - 1pm
Venue: Putra Regency Hotel, Kangar, Perlis


Step TWO: Confidence Acquisition Workshop

Step TWO is the training level, where a group of youths will engage in a workshop designed to bring them out of their comfort zones and guide them in the moment on how to conquer their fears.


Step THREE: Confidence Actualization Coaching

Step THREE is the coaching level, where a select few individuals will undergo intense one-on-one coaching to develop their public speaking skills and be able to speak comfortably in front of people no matter the occasion.


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Email: aiman@speakup.my
Phone: 013 416 4652

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