Title: Hidup Penuh Erti - Cerita dari Hati
Authors: Hilal Asyraf and Aiman Azlan
Language: Malay
Publisher: PTS
Publish Date: February 2014
Description: A sharing of opinions and thoughts about various issues aimed to provoke self-reflection.

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Title: The Other Side of the Coin
Authors: Aiman Azlan and Ameen Misran
Language: English
Publisher: Puteh Press
Publish Date: September 2014
Description: An alternative perspective into topics such as identity, love, education, community, and self-worth.

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Title: Bercinta Selepas Nikah
Authors: Aiman Azlan
Language: Malay
Publisher: Karya Bestari
Publish Date: December 2015
Description: A focus on the seriousness of marriage and the balance between marriage as a blessing and marriage as a test.

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