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So, What is the Answer?

I like to steer away from giving out a textbook answer whenever a question presents itself to me. I try to look into the questioner and try to understand his/her mindset and circumstances. This is what I like to do when I am asked a question, whether it be face-to-face or in written form.

I don't always stick to this rule, because certain circumstances make it difficult to do so. But as much as possible, I would hold on to it because it is a more effective answering method. Plus, it shows that you put in more effort in answering as opposed to immediately answering based on what you memorized.

In my view, a basic principle in answering a question is to consider who is asking and match your answer to the questioner, not simply memorize answers and spit them out like in an exam. Sometimes a question is asked but the question itself isn't the root of the problem, but a mere symptom to a much deeper problem.

Ideally, you want to go straight at the root of the problem and not be si…

Sifat Fizikal Penentu Kepimpinan?

Mesej utama:

Buku Quiet yang ditulis oleh Susan Cain (Link: Quiet) ada menceritakan tentang mengapa kita senang mengambil extroverts sebagai ketua, walaupun trait fizikalnya (suka bergaul dan petah bercakap) tidak semestinya menggambarkan keupayaan kepimpinan.Perlu latih growth mindset dalam diri dan jauhi fixed mindset. Growth mindset melihat kegagalan sebagai peluang untuk belajar dan perbaiki diri. Fixed mindset melihat kegagalan sebagai satu hakikat yang patut diterima sahaja kerana ianya telah ditentukan.Seorang pemimpin mampu menggambarkan visinya dengan jelas, menginspirasi orang lain untuk mengambil tindakan, dan mengajak orang lain untuk turut sama mengejar visi yang sama.Sifat fizikal bukan penentu seseorang itu menjadi pemimpin atau tidak. Kepimpinan bukan satu sifat fizikal. Ia sifat dalaman yang boleh dilatih.