10.10.17 is #WorldMentalHealthDay

Let's have a honest conversation about our human condition.

We all have issues, but some have them more severely than others. It's like physical illness. We all have the normal fever sometimes. But there are others who are battling worse illnesses like diabetes, stroke, and cancer.

Nobody would dare to tell a cancer patient to just "shake it off" or "you're being silly" or "your Iman isn't strong enough." Mental health issues are real and they can be pervasive. The people who have these issues need the encouragement to enable them to reach out and seek the help they need.

My dream is to live in a world where people with mental health issues can walk into a counselor's office or a psychiatrist's office knowing that he or she will be helped and supported - not condemned and judged.

Let's educate ourselves and others about mental health and where you can get professional help.

Don't worry. Seeking help doesn't make you crazy.

It just makes you human.

With much love,

Motivational Speaker, Vlogger, & Author
Counselling Student
Email: hello@aimanazlan.com

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