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The 3 Elements of Inner Confidence

That happened at UniCITI ALAM, UniMAP on November 25th.

I delivered a talk about one of my favourite topics: self-confidence. It is the topic I am exclusively focusing on right now, with Aiman Azlan Academy and Speak Up!

I believe it is one of the core issues of Malaysian youths, based on my observation for the past 5 years being a motivational speaker to a primarily youth audience, especially university students.

I had to revamp my 4-hour Speak Up! materials to fit the 1 hour and 30 minutes time slot that was given. It was a challenge, but it enabled me to look at my Speak Up! materials in a bird's eye view and find a simpler way of delivering the same powerful message.

Last night, I touched upon 3 things which I believe to be the key elements of sustainable self-confidence.


Having a set of sound guiding principles as reference for all our choices and decisions. This provides consistency in our lives. Without sound guiding principles, we will become victims to blind…